My Game RELEASED TODAY on PS4 and Steam :D

2016-08-08 22:12:39 by Neolight

My studio's first title (Blade Ballet) HAS RELEASED TODAY on PS4 and Steam! I think we've made a very fun couch multiplayer experience and I hope it kicks ass out there. Thought I'd post about it on NG becuase a large portion of my creativity was raised here. 


What is it?- An Online and Local multiplayer robot deathmatch with two other game modes (Soccer and Timed-Deathmatch) and more content in-coming.

Here's a stream of our game played by relatively new players.



Here's our old trailer, we're coming out with a new one tomorrow.



Interested? Our Discord community is up and running here:

3 Game modes
10 Unique bots with special abilities
8 Deathmatch levels
3 Soccer Levels

Unlockable skin system
New Bots, maps, and modes.

Price - 15$

Here's some art that i've contributed to it: 


City Level:







Internship at Insomniac Games!

2011-04-14 18:19:16 by Neolight

Hey Newgrounders, thrilled to say i'm heading to Insomniac Games this summer to be their art intern.

Their titles and studio vibe have sparked my imagination many a time, and drove me to commit to nights and nights of hard work. What started as a mission to make some art that could do justice to how I feel about their games and culture as a studio quickly snowballed into a game art gauntlet. I cracked the wip on myself and tried to make some killer stuff heavily influenced by and even for the Ratchet series which I'm glad was well received by you guys on NG and the awesome folks at Insomniac.

A 3D game environment I put together in UDK

I'm happy to say that my work on Ratchet will continue - officially, in Durham North Carolina where I will be doing art for Ratchet and Clank All 4 One!

Thanks for being a huge support and a source of encouragement. Following this comes the last semester of college... It is a relief know that i'll be well prepared before getting booted into the wilds of game development.

Newgrounders: What you put into life is what you get out of it. Keep up the art making, and the drive to share!

Internship at Insomniac Games!


2011-02-10 14:20:32 by Neolight

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Nailed an Internship!

2009-04-16 19:58:10 by Neolight

What a relief, I managed to secure some summer plans.

I'll be working at Garage Games this summer, they're in Eugene Oregon. The company rests more towards the casual demographic of the gaming world, and are indirectly responsible for some really great PC games in the early - late 90's.

The studio was formed by some staff at Dynamix, a company that went under a few years ago. They made Starsiege Tribes and the rest of Earthsiege franchise, as well as a few other gaming gems.

Currently, they maintain a website known as which is sort of a portal for high desnity, full 3D games that can be played right through your browser. Pic is of legions, a tribes like successor that I will probably be doing assets for. If not, i'm making really shitty coffee.

Over and out for now,

Nailed an Internship!

5 Second Animoots

2008-11-12 21:04:13 by Neolight

Aside from all the illustrating I'm trying to just keep up some flashing, even if they're just some sort of timing excercise.

Because they have no place in the flash portal, I decided i'd throw them here. mation-88 -80 <- bigger file nimation1

Game Development's been rolling along, sort of halted for a week or two. We're currently developing another map for release, can't quite share screens of that work yet.

You can check out the FPS's gameplay at

5 Second Animoots


2008-07-24 02:44:36 by Neolight

If yoshi was a snake, i'd fuck it.


;3 ;O ;X

2007-07-18 13:58:22 by Neolight

I'm bored.